Susy & Riccardo, Villa Foscarini Rossi

In September 2013 I had the pleasure to photograph my first Italian wedding. Riccardo and Susy tied the knot in aMirano, a cute little town close to Venice where they live. I met Riccardo in college years ago while he was an Erasmus student in France and we've kept in touch since. I had met his then girlfriend Susy a couple of times while on holidays in Italy and then one day they announced their engagement! I was very excited about attending the wedding knowing it would be a very intense day as I would be both a guest and the official photographer. The day couldn't have gone better, everything was just perfect. Susy looked absolutely stunning in a Valentino dress and Riccardo looked very handsome in a navy suit. Right after the church ceremony, we all went to the main square, barely a minute away, where a fun fair was on, with rides of every kind, games, candyfloss stands, etc. The couple decided to get on the big wheel, and myself and the videographer followed them, sitting in the car behind them. Up we went, getting a fantastic view of the town, the horizon and all the guests below, smiling and waving. The wheel did a few spins and I took some great shots.

That was really fun and different! Then we went a small park nearby, which was a lovely romantic setting and I made sure I made good use of the golden late afternoon light. After that we went to join the guests to the reception and here was the real treat: the Villa Foscarini Rossi. What a stunning venue! The food - the nibbles and the dinner later - was to die for. After the dinner, once it was completely dark outside, everyone was treated to fireworks - this was a surprise for the couple from a bunch of their friends. After cutting the cake, the party really got started and lots of guests were rocking the dance floor!