Jenny & Gareth, Marine Hotel

Irish Rose meets Scottish Thistle. A few years later they got hitched and I had the privilege to cover their big day! Jenny and Gareth got married last May and their wedding was one of my most enjoyable I have been lucky enough to photograph, they're such a lovely couple and I had enormous fun interacting and chatting with their families and friends. It was Gareth who first contacted me by email then over the telephone which goes to show the bride isn't always the doing all the work when it comes to sourcing and choosing the wedding suppliers, sometimes the groom does pitch in! Instead of picking a vintage car they chose to use a vintage van - it was very roomy and I loved the luminous green it was painted in! As you can see in the images below, the bouquet was a mixture of white roses and thistle which not only looked gorgeous but also had a symbolic value. Gareth, being Scottish, got married not in a suit but in a kilt! Some of his family members also wore them and one of Jenny's brothers also did. The reception was in the Marine Hotel in Sutton, which is a truly lovely venue. Once it got dark and after a bit of dancing, there was in interlude and the guests were treated to a fire breathing show which was very impressive. I also loved the cake topper made to resemble Jenny and Gareth, it was just so cute!